Online Banking – New Look and Feel!

You will experience a new look and feel on our online banking platform, July 12, 2021!  By completing just a few steps, Adams County Bank Online Banking will offer you an enhanced banking experience that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. New Features Include:

  1. Quick transfer and Bill Pay directly on the home page
  2. Improved security features
  3. Personal financial management tools
  4. View deposit and check images along with statements online

Effective July 12, 2021, the following steps will help you get started on the new platform.

Step 1: Your current user name will stay the same, however, to log in you must type in your username in all lower case letters. For instance, if your user name is JohnDoe222, it will be converted to johndoe222.

Step 2: Your initial password will be “acb” plus the last four digits of the “Login Owner’s” social security number (SSN) or tax identification number (TIN). For example, the last four digits of your SSN/TIN is 9876, your initial password will be acb9876 or if a husband and wife share a single username but the wife originally enrolled the account using her tax identification number and the last four digits of her SSN/TIN is 6789, the initial password will be acb6789. The password will need to be changed immediately and will require:

  • minimum of eight characters
  • maximum of seventeen characters
  • 4 numeric digit
  • 2 alpha characters

Step 3: You will then be prompted to choose an image and passphrase that will be displayed each time you log in to our secure online banking website.

Step 4: Next the system will prompt you to answer new security questions. Please keep track of your answers to these questions and note that they are NOT case sensitive. To increase security and decrease the likelihood of a fraudster guessing the answers to your security questions, we have made the questions more difficult. The answers are less likely to be compromised by social media sites or other online outlets.

Step 5: Please read and agree to the Adams County Bank Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

Bill Pay Users – There will be no access to the Bill Pay site from Friday, July 9th until Monday, July 12th during the conversion. All of your current bill pay information will transfer over to the new Online Banking system.

For any questions please give us a call or stop in either bank location.